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ZowieCo™ Gift Ring Case


Surprise your special partner with a ring that pops out from a case 


If you are searching for an amazing and a different way to propose to your significant other to show him/her your unconditional love, your commitment to spend the rest of your life, then this is the perfect gift case for you.


✔️ Extremely Unique: Our ZowieCo™ Gift Ring Case is extremely special and different from that of any other gifts available in the market. It is unique just like your special person, and he/she deserves this gift.

✔️ Multiple Occasions: It doesn't always have to be a proposal. It could be his/her birthday or maybe you just want to hint him/her how much love and care you have for him/her.

✔️ Mysterious Case: It looks all alike a normal case until it is opened and lo behold there is a ring that pops out of a rose. It is not typical, and is not available to many people.

✔️ Easy Installation: All you have to do is insert the ring on the stencil holder and everything else is engineered to impress your special person and show how much you love and care.

✔️ Build Quality & Multiple Colors: The Case is available in 3 different vibrant colors to match your place's mood and vibe. It is made of sturdy build quality and won't break easy.

✔️ Your Partner is Sure to Love this: Who doesn't love a gift that has had extra searching and extra work of getting it to their hands. Afterall, everybody loves going that one extra mile for their special person.




Let’s face it, trying to hide a ring anywhere is not easy! Think again! With this unique 3D rose ring case your significant other will never expect what’s to come. Your surprise will remain 10x better and hidden, the excitement of your significant other on the day of the proposal or gifting will be more special, more tailored to him/her, more loving and caring.

Giving your significant other a ring in this 3D elegant rose ring case is the most enticing, loving, intimate and caring way to show him/her your love and affection.

These beautiful roses are made from resin, flannel and paper - none of which are harmful and they're all eco-friendly. The case is flat and comes in various colours, and once you open the case, to anybody's surprise the flower blooms out with your gorgeous ring sitting in the middle.

Your significant other will be sure to fall in love with this amazing ring rose case. These 3D flower cases are perfect for occasions like birthdays, or any other day you might wanna show him/her your love and caring. These unique cases will allow you to gift or propose to your partner in an intimate, loving and caring gesture.

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